About Our Church

Who We Are

     If you are looking for a church that will welcome you home, try ours.

     At St. Matthew, ministry becomes God's gift of the present, delivered in colorful wrappings of challenge and opportunity.

     The sacred present is tied up with ribbons that connect our past with the future. We open the gift together.

     At this location, people of all ages have found inspiration, purpose and hope for almost 11 decades. We've aged gracefully!  New babies are still carried into the sanctuary, children learn and delight us, youth are given support and celebrated by our elders and ministries.

     Love and encouragement are here in abundance. Programs include persons of remarkable diversity.  The staff is always ready and willing to match our resources with the needs of your family.

     If you seek a center for leading your life surrounded with prayer and song, good news and spiritual guidance - visit us!  Here we still are:  open the door with confidence and enter as a stranger.  May you depart blessed with affirmation, knowing that you have been recognized  as a beloved member of the family of faith.






Our Goals

Goals?  Let us hear and understand your goals, maybe they are already ours!

People, for St. Matthew, are living goals - changing and accomplishing good things.  Your energetic excitement are welcomed as we travel, together, from yesterday through today into tomorrow.

CURRENT VISIONING:  We are designing a plan for Fall, 2017.

Our leaders began, in October, 2014, work with SMALL CHURCH INNOVATION LEARNING INITIATIVE.  Each month, all persons are invited to discuss what the program is teaching us about the current state of doing church in a neighborhood like our own.  Everybody's thoughts and imagination are appreciated.  The program will conclude in June, 2015, at which time our leaders will make recommendations about future possibilities.

SHARED MINISTRY: For three years, we've partnered with Immanuel.

More than 100 years ago, downtown Dubuque pastors began wondering about an alliance between the congregations now called St. Matthew Lutheran, ELCA, and Immanuel Congregational, UCC.  In the summer of 2011, Pastor Starr came to Dubuque to lead an interdenominational partnership.  She continues to be delighted by the goodness and spirited aliveness of the combined Flock she is grateful to shepherd.  Current visioning hears from both churches, but each Council retains autonomy in making plans.


St. Matthew is a fully participating congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.  Worship offers liturgies from the ELCA, and our preaching is consistent with Lutheran Biblical teachings.  Our faith studies and social missions are guided by the global witness of Lutheran traditions, always open to spiritual renewal as reformation.

With Immanuel, we offer three optional Worship services each week.  We continue to work to provide quality of expression - through music, message and events that raise expectations about celebrating God in this day and age!




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