Our congregation celebrates the reality that Ministry happens where ever and when ever believers are at work within the world, after Christ’s inspiring example! Some of the most valuable endeavors accomplished, to honor the Lord, are unseen and silent in terms of being identified by others as a particular ministry of St. Matthew. As individuals, couples, families and small groups – our “ministers” are everywhere.  As a church, we continue to be here, at the heart of the community and as a home place for our family and friends. God’s people, of all ages, receive from us the best we can offer them: education, training, development of gifts, counseling, friendship, encouragement. Forth from here, these people go to lead lives of giving, faithfulness and hope!


We continue to be actively involved with D.A.C.U - Dubuque Area Congregations United. “We, the members of DACU, people of diverse faiths and beliefs, are united by

Our belief in God, our concerns for justice and our call to serve others.” We serve DACU in several ways, and join with them for annual and special projects, such as the yearly Dubuque Area C.R.O.P. Walk to raise funds for hungry folks, in our area and beyond.


St. Matthew was one of the establishing churches of D.D.C.O. – Downtown Dubuque

Christian Outreach. Our “purpose is to be the presence of Jesus Christ by serving the spiritual and physical needs of those in the heart of Dubuque and by leading and nurturing individuals and our congregations to engage in more intentional and cooperative outreach within the community.”


Our staff and members are actively involved in the Dubuque Area Ministerium, Church Women United, and other projects that further good causes: Rescue Mission, Opening Doors, Circles Initiative and Food Pantry. 

We host at St. Matthew Meals on Wheels, Recovery Groups,  T.O.P.S., and The Foster Care Review Board.  We also host a shared Prayer Shawl Ministry.

We are also “home” to the various meetings of the Washington Neighborhood Association.


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